October 5, 2009

Sweet Sisters

I had a great time photographing the Rush family. The girls are so cute and sweet. They just giggled and giggled when I photographed the two of them together. Let's hope they get along that great when their in high school! They brought their oh-so-cool convertible and we took a few in that, too...love it!

October 3, 2009

The Amazing Armstrongs

I photographed the Armstrongs back in the spring and they are so photogenic. Their kids actually like to be photographed so they always cooperate and give me their ideas...I just love it! They make my job so easy and fun...thanks guys.

We've Got A Runner!

I always love how the families with 2 yr. old boys always apologize for their child during the shoot. For me, it's fun and funny. I've been there and done that but I still totally remember that phase and how much energy little boys had and still have! Little Carson kept us moving the whole shoot. During this shoot, we even got kicked off of the condominium property by security. He said we were blocking the entrance for all the residents coming home from work. I was there for an hour and half and never saw one person go into the building...oh, brother! Guess he wanted to use his authority and throw his weight around on the little, suburban family. :)


Red, Ruffle Mania

Check out this sweet family I photographed this past week. The girls were all decked out in these adorable red ruffly outfits. It doesn't get much cuter than this!

Sneak Peek of Day 2 "Mixing It Up Is Merrier" Shoots

So, Wednesday completed my second day of fall mini sessions and it went really well. After a full day of clouds, the sun decided to pop out right at the end of the day which made everyone a little hot in their fall gear but they looked really cute! I'll post more photos soon!

September 30, 2009

Sneak Peek of "Mixing It Up Is Merrier" Day One

This good ol' Texas weather gave us a run for our money on Monday but I wanted to go ahead and try to shoot and in the end the sun popped out and it was lovely...muggy as heck...but lovely. The first day of my "Mixing It Up Is Merrier" shoots went great and I had 3 super cute families! Here's a little sneak peek for now until I can post more.

September 28, 2009

I Survived My Public Speaking Engagement

I have been in recovery mode this past week after I did my public speaking deput. I did survive and I really tried hard to have fun while I was up there. I met a lot of nice photographers and they told me that I gave them good information and ideas for their business so that makes me feel the best. My hope was that I would give others information that they could take back to their studio and use. Thank goodness LeRoy was there to help me with getting the computer part set up b/c my powerpoint and video weren't working at first. Without either of those my speech would've been 5 minutes. ha! All and all, it was a great experience and I'm still alive...I did NOT have a heart attack which was what I was afraid might happen. :)