October 31, 2013

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

I had a great time photographing this extended family. It took us awhile to get everyone's schedule together but we did it! It was about 6 months in the making but I think the wait was worth it. We ended up going out to The Reserve and the setting was just perfect. Plus, it was so peaceful that we didn't have to worry about working around any other people. I managed to talk the guys into carrying the boat down to the water so we could use it in some of the photos...it turned out great! Here's the "C" family!

October 24, 2013

I'm Singing In The Rain

It was touch and go if this shoot was going to happen or not. The rain!!! We can't complain about the rain around here being that it hasn't done that in about 4 years and we're all drying up here. The weather was a real issue that day and we were on the horn back and forth not sure if the shoot was going to happen or not. Finally, they said they wanted to go for it! We met downtown for some urban shots and then headed over to the park for a few with some greenery in them. They all looked so cute in their blue, black and white outfits. I loved the chevron print mixed with the black and white striped sweater...how cool! They were a fun family to photograph and mom and dad had bit o' fun during the shoot, too. Take a look and see...

October 17, 2013

Sizzling Senior Shoot!

My oh my! We've got a cute one here, folks. Britley came to me with a few ideas that she wanted for her senior shoot and I don't think it could have worked out any better. The shoot itself was pretty exciting! I'm always amazed at the things that happen when I'm out shooting. It started off calm with some inside studio shots on a grey background and they turned out just stunning...loved the simple black outfits on the grey background with her blond hair. Lovely. Then, we hopped in our cars and zoomed off to find the railroad tracks and this is where the story gets exciting so you'll want to stay tuned and read on. I had photographed some of my family sessions here last year so I knew right where to go for railroad tracks that have a nice curve in them. We had no sooner got started photographing Britley on the tracks and I went ahead and reminded everyone that these were working tracks so we all needed to be on the lookout and keep our eyes and ears perked to hear/see any train that might be coming round' the bend! Five minutes into the shoot and we're just getting warmed up I hear something...and I'm like, "Do you all hear that? I think there's a train coming. There is! Everyone off the tracks!" The engineer is just waving to us bigger than Dallas from the driver's seat and smiling. He probably doesn't get to see a handful of hot women hanging around the railroad tracks very often. Just as the train is squealing by, I notice that my tripod is sitting right next to the tracks so I went over to retrieve it and just as I was about to grab it the train struck it and my tripod went flying and I'm sorry to say she lost her leg that night. My tripod is now a duopod. :) After the excitement by the tracks, we moved over to Barton Springs to do our water shots that Britley requested. It was so fun getting in the water right at sunset and capturing those photos. I loved the headpiece her little sister made her to wear for a few of the shots...so cute. So, here's Britley!

September 24, 2013

The Annual Down Syndrome of Central Texas Calendar Release Gala 2013!

It IS that time of year again, when the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas rolls out their new calendar for the upcoming year!   It's time for those calendar celebrities to put their best dress on, tie that tie and polish those shoes for it is their time to walk the red carpet and feel like a star!  This year they had me work the ribbon ceremony where the calendar stars sign their John Hancock to a calendar and then get pinned with a beautiful ribbon to wear. Then they load up in their personal limosine and head over to the gala to walk the red carpet. It is such a joy to be there and experience this wonderful event.   Every year the local Down Syndrome Association here (DSACT) puts together a yearly calendar to raise revenue for their cause. They always combine a local individual with Down Syndrome with a celebrity for each month on the calendar and then they have a huge kick off party which is this gala. The individuals that star in the calendar for the year get the ultimate treatment at the gala. They arrive in limos, the crowd is screaming for them, the paparazzi is there (that's me!)photographing them as well as KVUE News. It is just the cutest thing you have ever seen! Some of the kids are very receptive to the whooping and hollering while others are quite shy by all the attention. Also, this year the photographer who volunteered ALL his time and photographed the entire calendar (which started in February!) is Bill Ledbetter from Image Eclectic Photography.  He did a great job capturing everyone's personalities and putting together another beautiful calendar.  It really is a great cause and if anyone feels moved in purchasing a calendar please click on over to DSACT and get yourself one!

The Moores 2013!

The Moore's have some really great neighbors!  Their neighbors contacted me back in the spring and wanted to purchase a photo shoot for them to give to Kelli (the mom) as a Mother's Day gift!  What amazing neighbors, huh?  Now that things have cooled off a bit...haha!...a few degrees helps anyway. We met up to do our photo shoot a few weeks ago.  They had requested colorful, bright locations which you know is my FAV!  I hadn't been down to UT campus in forever and thought it would be fun to push my creative skills in finding some new locations.  Even though they are total A&M fans, they went for it.  We just couldn't have anything UT in the photos. :)
We ended up finding this super cool coffee shop and they let us come in and take over and get some really great family shots.  Without further ado...here's the Moores!

September 20, 2013

Get It While It's Hot!

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