August 6, 2009

A Change Is Coming!

As of August 15th, 2009 there will be an increase in my "Sassy Shoot" sitting fee. It will be $150 weekdays and $175 for Saturdays. Anyone who books a shoot before 8-15-09 (even if the shoot is scheduled for the fall) will still get the old pricing. I hope everyone understands that I have not had a price increase in several years and that I've been working hard to stay current with digital photography by investing in hands on workshops, seminars and extensive training. I've reinvested into my company by getting newer and better equipment to give my clients better and sharper photos. Lastly, I'd like everyone to know that I average minimum 10 hours of work per photo shoot b/c I am giving my clients retouched proofs in their proof book. You do the math! I could be making more at McDonald's but since I love what I do so much I'm going to keep at it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me grow my business. I truly appreciate and am ready for you to B N THE PHOTO!!!

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