August 18, 2009

Our New Mexico Challenge

My son and I loaded up the ol' minivan and headed west...northwest. Our friends moved to Albuquerque back in May so we decided to visit them. The thought of a road trip is always fun in the beginning stages...the excitement of seeing new territory, going some where that you've never been before, a sense of freedom by leaving all your worries behind and then about 5 hours into the trip reality hits. You realize you're not even half way there! Oh, and if anyone out there thinks that we've used up all the land in the US then take a drive up HWY 285 and you won't see a damn thing for 135 miles...not a gas station, not a single house, barely another car! Sloan and I did have a lot of fun though. We visited with our friends, went to the Albuquerque Zoo, went to the Hot Air Balloon Museum (so neat), went to the movies, walked their dog, met some of their neighbors and made s'mores. Yum. Oh, and I can't forget our detour on our way home, we stopped in Roswell at the UFO museum. Oooohwweeeoooh! The last photo was in the bathroom stall at the museum and it really freaked me out.


Misty said...

I want to go to Roswell!! That's awesome. We made smores on the 4th of July. SOOO GOOD!!!

Nicole Whelan said...

"We are watching you" that is freakin' hilarious! I don't think I could pee under that kind of pressure, lol.