August 26, 2010

A Day At The Duck Pond

I went out last week in this blazing hot heat and photographed my best friend's children. I have to say I AM a saint for doing really, my BFF Jana is the saint for trying to wrangle her children into being photographed together! I thought she might put a bullet in her head by the time we were finished but she didn't. Yeah! My BFF is still alive and kickin'. We attempted to take some photos right in their front yard trying to keep the shoot close to home and convenient. After about 10 minutes of Lexi running to the garage to sit and play with her flashcards and Jakers running away from me I suggested that we go do something fun that they like to do. With resistance, Jana finally dug out some old tortillas and we were off to the duck pond. They were really enjoying themselves feeding the ducks and I thought ok this is going good until...Lexi (our little runner) ran off down the way and ended up wading into the duck pond and getting mud all over her legs and feet. Thank goodness, we didn't have that gun nearby that I mentioned earlier b/c Jana was about to lose it. :) Mama got her cleaned up and in the end we managed to get some cute shots of the kids and I'm thankful Jana is still alive so we'll get to endure another photo shoot in 6 more months. Ha!