August 24, 2010

Surprises Are The Ultimate Surprise!

Have you ever had a really good surprise pulled on you? Or pulled off a really good surprise? My life has been filled with lots and lots of surprises this year and some have been really good (like my 40th surprise party that my husband threw me) and some haven't been so good (like my grandmother passing unexpectedly). Up until this year, I really haven't had all that many surprises in my life. I had never had a surprise party in my 40 years and frankly can only think of a handful that I've been to. I have to say though that good surprises make life really, really sweet. LeRoy and I didn't find out the sex of our baby until he was born. I was shocked! My mother's instinct told me that I was definitely having a girl. Ha! That got blown right out of the water at birth but my baby boy was the best surprise of my life.
All of this is leading up to my recent weekend away to Atlanta. My best friend, Kelly who just turned 40 thought she was going to Atlanta to visit her sister for a nice "sisters" weekend to celebrate her birthday. However, her sister Holly and I and another friend Tammy from Missouri have been in cahoots planning the ultimate surprise for Kelly's birthday. I flew in first and was picked up at the airport by Holly's hubby who is a US marshall. We had to kill some time before meeting them for lunch so he gave me a complete tour of the US Marshall was quite interesting especially since there was a huge bust the night before so all the marshalls were a buzz in the office. Anyway, back to the goods. We arrived at the restaurant first (Flip Burgers...super yummy if you're ever in Atlanta...go there) and I spoke to the hostess and told her that we had a big surprise going down right there in their little restaurant. I went to the back and hid by the bathrooms. Holly and Kelly arrived and got seated at the booth and the hostess came back to tell me where they were seated. I approached the table and Kelly was looking down at her menu so I decided to act like the waitress and I said, "Hi, can I get you something to drink?" This is where it gets good b/c Kelly looks right up at me and says, "No" and then proceeds to look back down at her menu. What the ?*&! just happened? I look at Holly and Erik like what now? Holly says, "Kelllllllly, are you sure you don't want something to drink?" Kelly looks back up at me and she's staring and staring and then BAM! It finally registered! She screamed bloody murder and jumped up and hugged me and was crying. We're jumping around the restaurant like a couple of idiots. The entire restaurant STOPPED and I even think one old gal choked on her burger. It was by far the best stunt I've ever pulled off. Soooo, if you haven't had a good surprise lately...then it's time to plan one. Life is so much more glorious with them!

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