April 17, 2011

Detroit...Here I Come!

I can't believe it's finally time for my trip to Detroit! It's only been on the books now for a year so I better be ready. I'm going to Detroit to speak at the April Professional Photographer's Assoc. Meeting. I'm talking about "Finding Your Fit Photographing Kids". This year has flown by and I'm in awe that May is creeping up on us and summer is almost here. However, I just looked up the weather to see what I need to pack and low and behold it says 38 degrees! That's a little hard to swallow when we're basking in 90 degree weather here.

All this to say that I'll be out of the office Monday, April 18th through Saturday, April 23rd RETURNING TO WORK on Monday, April 24th. I will try and check my email through out the week so feel free to email me. Gotta go and pack my long johns now...


Anonymous said...

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JLTan said...

Have fun. Happy Easter. May God bless you.