April 5, 2011

"Miss A"

I managed to rally a photo shoot out of my niece a while ago in preparation for my Detroit trip and boy oh boy did she give me a run for my money! I'm putting together my presentation for Detroit and I'll be talking about how I photograph kids. I decided it would be great to take some video footage and put together a little video to share with the other photographers to show how I work with kids. Miss A gave me such a run for my money (yes, my niece) I'm wondering now if it should be labeled "How NOT to work with kids." It's hysterical. Once we have the finished product I may just have to post for a few chuckles. We ended up getting some super cute shots but I worked my tail off to get these...enjoy! In case you couldn't tell, there was a plethera of emotions that day!


MEYA said...

cute..how come the kid become such a good model...awesome brandi...i love it..

Katie said...

oh my gosh i am obsessed with the 3rd picture from the top, nap time!