May 13, 2011

The Bruners Are Back In Texas!

This is one of my best friends, Lori, who I moved to TX with nearly 15 years ago. We met in college my junior year when I moved into the Kappa Delta house. Lori was a spunky, little freshman who loved to hang out with our "older" group. In January 1996 (holy crap that sounds so long ago), there were 3 of us from Mizzou that packed our bags and started our new life here in Austin, TX. Yeeha! Two of us are still here but Lori moved to KY (poor thing) to run a successful family business. Her and her family came back this spring to visit and we just love when they're here. She has 3 crazy little boys and a super cute hubbie and they are trying to make their way back here in a few years. We can't wait! While they were here, we had to squeeze a family photo shoot in and the pics just turned out adorable. The shots of them wrestling, tickling and giggling are how they are ALL the time...lots and lots of energy! I want some of that, please!

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