May 30, 2011

Meet The Patersons!

The Patersons found me online (thanks to my website!) and traveled to Austin from different parts of Texas to visit their daughters and celebrate their dad's birthday. The photo session was a birthday present so we had to make sure dad had a great time and what better way catching a little buzz at 7:30 in the morning! They are big wine connoisseurs...they like to drink it, sniff it, swirl it, talk about it, go on wine trips around the world and would love to own their own winery one day. I decided what better place to take their family portraits than at a local winery. I did my own research and found the most awesome winery around...Solaro Estate. Talked to the owners and they welcomed us out VERY early one morning to share their beautiful property with us. The owners were so accomodating, friendly and proud. Their winery has just won an international competition for their tempranillo wine. Be sure to check this winery out when you're doing your TX hill country wine tour. They're awesome!
Back to the Patersons...I just had the best time photographing them in the vineyard. They were up for anything and just rolled with the punches. But then again, when you're drinking wine at 7:30am who wouldn't be up for anything?!! Check out their super cute pics now.

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