May 10, 2012

Party of Six

Helloooooo blogger anyone out there? Or do I continue to slowly show up here and am writing to myself? Let me know if you're out there! I'm so sorry I keep neglecting you but I do still care! I've got lots of great photo shoots to share... I just haven't had the gumption to post them. Recently, I photographed this adorable family of six and they were just too cute. I loved their outfit choices which were full of color, a touch of pattern and coordinated very well. This is a great example to refer to when trying to figure out clothing choices! Take note peeps! We decided to shoot in their backyard to keep the kids close to home...not a bad view to wake up to every morning, huh? Everything went really well with this shoot and the family was a lot of fun so let me zip it and post a few pics for you to see.

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