May 21, 2012

Puddles & A Path

I photographed this family a few years ago and am always amazed at how much the children grow from one shoot to the next! Wow! We met in their neighborhood for convenience and I had gone earlier in the week and scouted out a new location near their home. I just loved it! I found an old bridge with access to the water and it's kind of hidden. I thought I had found a real treasure no one knew about until I went back for my Saturday morning shoot and there were about 10 cars and several kayakers putting their boats in the water. Normally, we're not used to having very much water in our creek beds but this creek is up and running! There were actually mini rapids and they all looked so excited. All you need for a great shoot is a path, some puddles, kiddos and some rocks!


Tiffany said...

love these Brandi!
Miss you and hope you are doing well!

Unknown said...

Cute photos! Your kids are ADORABLE. They're sweet faces light up my life! P.S. I'm only 9 years old

Unknown said...
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