January 8, 2016

Happy New 2016!

I don't know about you all but I was SO ready for a new year! I am celebrating the new year by blogging about a really fun family that I photographed right before Christmas. There were 25 people in this family from a 2 month old baby all the way to the 80 year patriarch of the family! This particular Dec. 23rd decided to be 80 degrees and sunny on this Texas day and so we had to work in shade at first while we waited for our sun to come down a bit. They were all real troopers! When I was photographing Nancy and Izzy with all their grandkids I told Izzy to kiss his wife and boy he didn't hesitate for one second. He leaned in and grabbed his wife and laid one on her and then they kept kissing and kept kissing and kept kissing. The expressions of the grandkids as they egg their grandparents on is priceless! I wanted to start the new year out by showing the LOVE and sharing the LOVE! Now this, this is what we all need... PASSION! I think we can all take a little lesson from Izzy and Nancy here...keep that passion alive always!

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