February 11, 2016

An Austin Photo Expo!

I have neglected to share any of my personal life on the blog over the last few years because I have been going through a long and stressful divorce. I have gone through emotions that I forgot existed. One of the things you lose when you are under severe stress is your creativity. I learned the very hard way. I weathered through the last 2 years working my photo shoots but I definitely couldn't give the 110% that I usually like to give. I'd like to thank ALL my wonderful clients who weathered through with me and continued to support me and my business even when I know I wasn't possibly giving my work my all. I'll never be able to tell you all how grateful I am for your support of my business year after year. But now, the clouds have started to lift and I can feel the rays of sunshine on my face again and slowly but surely my creativity is crawling out of the nooks and crannies where it has been stuffed down for so long and I WANT to pick up my camera, I WANT to shoot colorful things, I WANT to make happy photos where people are laughing, I WANT to create beautiful images for my clients again! So, I asked my good photographer friend Stephanie if she'd like to go on a photo expo in downtown Austin one day and go have crazy fun shooting photos...just for ourselves! Today was the day. It was heavenly. We walked around downtown with our cameras and looked like real tourists in our city. I had a ball and I had fresh eyes today and it feels good to be alive! I'll post more later but here's a few shots from today. Hope you can see the happiness.

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