February 11, 2016

O' The Luck of The Irish!

I've got a client who used to send out Christmas cards but in the hustle and bustle of the holidays she didn't send any out last year. When the new year rolled around she called me and wanted to set up a shoot for the kids because she wanted to send out Valentine's Day cards instead. She told me that she wanted to start sending out cards on other holidays when most people wouldn't be expecting to receive a cute card from their friends or family. So, last year was Valentine's Day and this year she called me at the END of January and said, "I want to send out St. Patty's Day cards this year so we need to book a shoot!" I am loving this! It's so fun to plan the shoots and cards for these various "other" holidays. Since we got some really cute photos of her kids, I wanted to share a few!

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