April 30, 2020

Living Room Art | Downloadable Art Print

Sooooo, during this Covid crisis I have tried to utilize my time and promote my stock beach photos. I'm hoping to continue to do this even after I start photographing people again. I'm going to try and keep sharing my love of the beach and the beauty of this earth with all of you. I'll never be able to hang all these gorgeous photos in my house so I decided why not share them with the world. NOTHING tickles me more than when people purchase my artwork. What I love even more is when they let me know what and where they're going to hang it. Like Fiona, she works on a yacht in the Bahamas and she reached out to let me know that the underwater print that she purchased from me would be hanging in the yacht that she works on! I literally squealed with delight hearing this. Today's print that I'm highlighting is from a few years back when I went to Hawaii. It was my first trip travelling alone right before my divorce was to be finalized. I went to go visit my college roommate Holly (who was also going through a divorce at the same time) and she took me on so many great adventures that week and this trip gave me a new lease on life and hope that my new life of "flying solo" was going to be all right. These are some colorful ukuleles that I found on a day trip to the North Shore. It's a downloadable file that you can print yourself or send to a photo lab and have them print it for you and it's for personal use only. It can be purchased here at Pink Palm Designs Shop

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