November 9, 2020

ATX Senior 2021 Video | Luke | Regents High School

Oh my gosh! I am LOVING my senior guys this year! They are steppin' up to the plate and owning their photo shoots. I had SO much fun photographing Luke! He showed up to this shoot and was all in. I give him a 100 % on participation. Sometimes when I recommend the guys do something, they give me a flat out "no, I'm not doing that" but not Luke. He just would laugh a little bit like I was crazy but he did everything I suggested. They're all bringin' it too with their own unique clothing styles and it makes the photos more special to them when they're wearing what they want to wear and not what mom wants them to wear. Luke's mom wasn't crazy about his hair for the shoot but I had Luke's back on this one...I LOVE his hair and the wings that come with it. :) He looks like he could be a clothing model to me...don't ya think? Or, I guess even a hair model! He's got big things happening in his future with his senior year here and graduation upon him. Who knows what the future holds. I thought the lyrics were perfect for him since he's got "Something Big" in his near future. Grab your pumpkin spice coffee and muffin and kick back and watch Luke own his senior shoot.

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Unknown said...

These are FANTASTIC Brandi! You are so much fun to shoot with because you had us laughing the whole time. TY!!