December 12, 2020

ATX Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot | Their Backyard | The Dukes

This is my sister's beautiful family! They are always last on the list at Christmas time for their family shoot but somehow we always squeeze it in and pump out some seriously cute Christmas cards for them. This year we wanted to focus on my neice's fabulous reindeer jumper so the rest of the family decided to wear black so Atalie would stand out. We've all been socially distancing from each other (yes, even our family) so we kept it simple and did the shoot right in their back yard. I had the kids get on the swing for a few of their sibling shots but then decided to roll with it and pile the whole family on there and next thing you know everyone's laughing and having fun and we ended up getting some really animated shots of the family. Their dog, Ice Cream does NOT like the click of the camera but for some reason she was a trooper this year and stayed close to the family and smiled in several of the photos. She just kept creeping into the photos. There were some where I literally laughed out loud when editing them because of her smile, stance or appearance in the photos. There's a few where she is peeping around the back of Glenn's knees and I about lost it! It was like she was saying, "Peek a boo!" This year by farrrrrrrrr Ice Cream stole the show at their photo shoot! :)))) Grab your apple cider and some gingerbread cookies and kick back and enjoy the Duke's family Christmas video!

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