April 19, 2022

Texas A&M Senior 2022 Shoot | Karissa | A&M Campus College Station

I might've teared up a bit making this sweet video of Karissa. It seems like yesterday her and her mom were in Austin to do her senior photos for high school. You can see that blog post with her hs senior shoot here. Here we are four years later and she has rocked her time at Texas A & M. Not only has she kept a 4.0 gpa her entire college career but is also Chief Madam Justice of the Campus.Not only is she smart and driven but she is also the cutest, sweetest, kindest college kid that I've ever met...sorry son, this one is giving you a run for your money.:) Her mom and I are still trying to figure out how we created such AMAZING responsible children. LOL! If they could have only seen their mothers growing up, they'd wonder the same. I drove into College Station a few weekends ago and they gave me the full tour of A & M campus which I was super excited about because I had only been to College Station a few times to photograph crappy apartment buildings that were going up for sale. They gave me a fantastic tour of the town and we hit ALL the spots to get photographed for your senior photos on campus! I knew A & M was full of traditions but WOW I didn't realize how many traditions they have. It's pretty cool, I must admit! We had a blast the entire weekend and they even took me to Northgate and I went to The Chicken! I do believe our mission was accomplished with the completion of this photo shoot. Karissa rocked her shoot and thank goodness we didn't have near the wind that we had for her high school senior shoot! That was crazy town. I love watching our kids grow up and seeing what their future holds but it also makes me very emotional at the same time because time is screaming by. Anyway, grab yourself a snack (maybe some chicken) and a tissue and kick back and enjoy Karissa's video.

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