April 11, 2008

D & T

So, I photographed two little cuties today. They are so funny! They kept me on my toes chasing them around. T is celebrating her 2nd birthday soon and had an oh so fancy dress for her sassy shoot.

April 9, 2008

Karoake Queen

Ok, so I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with my Missour girls and our Texas husbands. We hit Trudy's for some din-din and then my pick was Austin Karoake. This place is hysterical. It's in the Asian part of Austin. Who knew Austin had an Asian district, right? Well anyway, you go into this karoake joint and order a room...yes, a room. The worker guy walks you down this dark hall with numbered doors and my girlfriend says, "Where have you taken us?" He opens the door and there's this huge half moon, bright yellow, leather booth, 5 tv screens and 2 microphones and that's when you are ready to rock. It was so fun! We sang for 3 hours. Even Chucky Poo (Jana's cop hubby) got into it and sang us some heavy metal Metallica for his choices.

9th Anniversary Gift

I love these photos from our family vacation last year and I haven't been able to do anything fun with them UNTIL I came up with the idea to make my hubby a collage for our 9th anniversay this month. This collage is from our Bahamian vacation this past summer and I just love it and hope he does to. Are you kidding? No, he doesn't read this blogger thingy. The framed collage will still be a surprise.

New Website Update

I've been working on my new website for the past week and half and can't wait until it's finished! I've had a slight delay this week with my birthday and my parents and Gigi visiting from Missouri. A "Gigi" is my grandmother in case you were wondering. Hee.hee. Stay tuned...the website is going to ROCK your socks off! Double hee. hee.

March 19, 2008

5 Little Fingers

Here's a recent shoot of a super sweet baby that I photographed. I loved how he kept that one arm up in all the photos except where we wrapped him up! Partly I think he was trying to balance himself and partly I think he was just wanting to say hi to the lovely photographer photographing him. Ha!

March 18, 2008

Spring Specials

Stay tuned for some spring specials that I've got up my sleeve. I've got one that is geared for mom's who would like to spoil themselves for Mother's Day and have a little fun. It's called Hip Hotties b/c the mommies I know are VERY hip and fun! Give me a call or email and we'll get your appointment scheduled.

Giddy Up!

Well, it's that time of year again...the rodeo is in town. I love the feeling of being at the rodeo and all that it entails...cowboys, carnival, live music, Bessie the Cow, Whiplash the Monkey and turkey legs! Mmmmm! You can't go to the Rodeo with eating a good ol' turkey leg. We went last week during spring break and watched the bull riders and then stayed for Jason Aldeen's concert afterwards. It was really good and I hate to admit I didn't know who he was until I heard a few of his hit songs...Amarillo Sky. As always, my boy dressed up like a cowboy and I have a few good pics to show. Yee ha!