February 2, 2021

Lifestyle Photo Shoot Video | Junie & Gaston | A Story About True Love

Aaaaaaannnnddddd, these two. I just don't have the words. I guess that's why I'm photographer b/c I communicate best visually through photos. I don't know why but a lot of times I chalk my job up as not being that important or I should be doing more with my life. I know in my heart that I have a very important job of helping people preserve memories of their loved ones and special events in their life. This is a perfect example of that. I received this email from Junie last week: "I was wondering if you might be able to take a few pictures of me and Gaston together next week. We both just started new chemotherapy and are already losing hair. And I just wanted to try to get a nice picture of us that didn’t have a telephone pole rising out of the back of our heads before we totally change and maybe never get back to anything like this look. Gaston has MD Anderson appointments at the end of next week, so our availability is limited to Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I don’t have a plan—I just had this idea to try to get a picture before something happens to either one of us. I have no idea if weather will cooperate, or if there are locations you like to use or if you prefer something at our place. We are open to suggestion and hopeful that maybe you have some availability. It’s a last minute request — apologies for that. Anything that works out is greatly appreciated." Then, just like that I'm brought back to reality and realize that emails and requests like this remind me that my photography services do have meaning and that I'm truly fortunate to be able to share this talent to so many wonderful people that I've met. I went out to Junie and Gaston's property at sunset and she fed the deer and we did their shoot right there at home with the deer grazing in the background. It was so special photographing them and I was just warm and fuzzy all over when I saw how in love they still are after all these years. It gives me hope yet that my guy is out there somewhere. :))) Grab a cup of hot tea and a cookie and sit back, turn the music up and enjoy a story about true love.

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January 29, 2021

IT SNOWED IN AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like that, after a shitty week of our nation's Capitol getting stormed the beautiful snow unexpectedly arrived in Austin, Texas and was a magical surprise that was SO needed. I was watching my Sunday morning church service on Facebook in the living room and there was an excitement in the air with hopes of the snow happening. I opened all the shades to the windows and watched like a little kid waiting and watching for Santa on Christmas Eve. As the rain turned to sleet, it eventually turned into the big, fat snow flakes and decorated Austin with a bright, white new coat of fresh snow. EVERYONE was so excited. We maybe get snow here every 8 years. In my 25 years in Austin though, this was by far the most snow that I've ever seen. I went for a woodsy walk with my neighbor Marion and then sledding with my friend Stacy!!!! I did a few back flips at the end of the hill. Thank you God for snow! :)

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Merry Belated Christmas from me & my Boy!

As I'm working on gathering information for my "Ultimate 5-Day Big Bend Itinerary" blog post, I scrolled through all my Christmas & New Year photos and decided I should do a post from that to document how the holidays were for us during our first ever pandemic. My family chose to stay seperated from each other and stay at our respective homes. With my mom being in her late 70's and my step dad turning 80 in 2020, we wanted to keep our distance from them. :( For the past 5 years though, it's only been Sloan (my son) and I for Christmas morning so that wasn't any different than usual. We usually then go over to my sister's house in the late afternoon and do Christmas dinner and gifts over there and make a party of it. Sloanie and I slept in until 9amish and did our gifts and big breakfast. He started getting into rockclimbing last year and it's been so good for him mentally and physically. Needless to say, he's a stylish rockclimber. He always does the research and finds the most unique and best quality items when he gets into something and rockclimbing is no different. His big item he requested was this Cotapaxi backpack to organize and carry all his gear. I LOVE this thing! I want one for myself but will have to save up for one. Until then, I'll continue to use my red Gap backpack from 1995...yeah, you heard that right. I think I could do a commercial for Gap and this OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD backpack that I'm still using!
He got these awesome hot pink clips, too!
I can't wait to test out my new Macie Bean boots dancing! And, I love supporting my fellow Etsy artists and these cool earrings are from Boo + Boo Factory!
His cousins in Cali surprised him with these awesome rockclimbing shoes and he was completely SHOCKED! These cousins also got him the hot pink hair dye, too! LOL!
We ended up doing some serious electrician work when we decided to conquer putting up my light fixture in the kitchen. That turned into a WAY bigger project than we expected and were saved once again by my "gaybors" Paul & Ryan!!!
Aaaaaand, after we completed that project we had a leisurely afternoon relaxing, catching up with friends on the phone, watching some Hallmark Christmas movies and finally doing a Zoom call with our family. It's been a struggle but we have been teaching our mom all about her ipad and now she's learned Zoom! I'm so proud of her! Plus, we had to do our traditional crackers!
While it wasn't like our usual Christmas celebrations, we made the most out of our situation. I'm thankful for technology and that we were able to see each others faces, share some stories, show our gifts to each other, open our crackers together and have some laughs! Goodbye 2020.

January 20, 2021

Photo Lesson of the Day | What is Knolling?

I found this article to be very interesting. I didn't know this flat lay photography style had a name or history. Who doesn't love a good visual? Click here to learn about knolling.

December 29, 2020

New Desert Print Available Now | In My Etsy Shop | Pink Palm Designs Shop

I have officially wrapped up all my senior and family shoots through the end of the year so I've been taking a little time to update a few prints in my Etsy shop! Some of you may not know this but I sell some of my travel photos (mainly beach shots) in my #Etsy shop called Pink Palm Designs Shop. I take so many beautiful photos and hated that I wasn't able to share these fabulous photos with others. Then, one day I was like why can't I share these photos with others? I started doing some research and found out that I could with a little extra work! Now a year later, a 105 sales later and 101 photos in my shop and I AM doing it! I love, love, love to see where all the clients come from who purchase my photos. I've had people from England, Australia, the North eastern states and one gal who works on a yacht in the Bahamas and now my underwater Bahamas shot hangs on the yacht there! It has brought me great joy to be able to share my travel shots with others and know that my work is hanging in people's home around the globe. That just makes me warm and fuzzy all over! Right now, I offer the prints as a digital download and then you can order whatever product online that suits your fancy and have it shipped to your home and ready to hang! If you're wanting a printed version of one of my photos then I also sell printed products through my Fine Art America shop, too. Today, I've added a new desert print to my Etsy shop and wanted to share the love. I'm hoping with so many people staying home to work this next year that some new art work may be necessary to keep the office fresh. Check out this beauty!

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December 23, 2020

ATX Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot | Circle C Ranch | The Devanys

Let's talk about the Devany's! This is my first time to work with them and my oh my are they a fun family! First off, I'd like to say that I was impressed when the youngest daughter, Ella (18 yro) reached out and inquired about this photo shoot for her mom's birthday gift and then was my point of contact through the entire process! Let me say that again...So, her mom did NOT have to do any work to put this photo shoot together other than her outfit and to show up for the photos. Now that's a great gift! Hint. Hint. To all the kids out there needing a great gift for your mom...here it is...a family photo shoot! I know a lot of times the mom's feel so much pressure trying to organize the date, time, schedules of the entire family, then the clothing, etc. What a beautiful gift from this family to take the weight off of mom and actually let her enjoy the process. Makes my heart warm and fuzzy when the kid's step up and do special things for their parents! We met at the park and they were ready to participate and have fun during the shoot, too! The cuteness is about to kill me. Grab your spiked hot cocoa and some bits of toffee and kick back, turn the music up and check out the Devany's video!

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December 17, 2020

ATX High School Senior Shoot | Bowie High School | Josh

We had to have a double shoot with Josh. He had so much fun the first time that he wanted to shoot again...juuuust kidding! It started raining on us day one so we had to do a reschedule which ended up being the most beautiful morning so it all worked out. He showed up with his game face on and ready for his senior shoot. I love when the guys wear their school jackets, too. I think they're so cool and such a neat tradition that represents your high school years so well. We shot at Seaholm in downtown Austin and as always we got some really cool shots. I loved all his bridge shots in the school jacket especially the over the shoulder one where he ended up turning back to look at me. Grab your peppermint mocha coffee and some wheat thins and kick back and enjoy Josh's video.

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