April 20, 2009

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

We are back from Roatan, Honduras and it was AMAZING! We had a really cute beach cabana at Las Rocas Resort. It means "the rock" in Spanish and my left big toe will always remember that b/c I took my nail off by tripping over "the rock". Ouch! That's just a sidebar to a wonderful trip that I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a tropical destination. This place is known for the diving. It's located on the second largest reef in the world. We don't dive but we snorkeled our hearts out and the snorkeling is to die for right off of the beach! Here's a few pics for now and I'll try and do a part 2 b/c Ms. Brandi snapped about 575 pics.


suz said...

Hola Brandi and Leroy,
Su (and Ken) here, also sadly back to reality in NJ...I love your blog and your photos. They are amazingly beautiful and truly capture the beauty and spirit of Roatan. If Ken and I ever get married, we must meet again on a tropical island so you can be our wedding photographer (ha)as well as share more snorkeling, monkeylalas, and friendship!
Paz y Amor,
Su and Ken

Misty said...

Looks awesome. I'm jealous!!