April 13, 2009

Feeling Lonely

Sometimes I feel so lonely on my blog because I have very few comments left for me. I saw this great t-shirt when I was at my photo conference in Las Vegas...this guy was wearing a shirt that said, "No one reads your blog!" Ha! I laughed when I saw that b/c I can relate! So, I've set up this poll to see who (if anybody) is out there. Please vote and let me know and if you get REALLY crazy start leaving me comments. I sure would like to know I'm not alone here.


Letty said...

Brandi, Don't lose that loving blog feelin'! I really enjoy looking at your blog to see what's going on and admiring all your great work! Have fun on your anniversary trip :) See you when you get back.

JoAnn said...

Hey Bran,
I am always looking for updates to your blog...it keeps me updated on the Nellis family! Keep it up!!