April 11, 2009

LeRoy's Roundhouse

Every once in a while I have LeRoy do some of his old karate moves and my very, very favorite is when he tries to do a "roundhouse". I had no idea what this move was the first time he was going to show me but once I saw him try and do this move I nearly peed my pants. When I need a good laugh, I beg him to show me some karate moves. It gets me laughing everytime...I hope you enjoy this video while it's up b/c once he realizes I've posted it on my blog I know it's coming down. Ha! By the way, Sloan was not injured in the filming of this video however LeRoy on the other hand may have pulled a muscle or two.


Letty said...

Too funny... next stop, YouTube!!

Haley Brown said...

HA HA :) That was great. Your boys are nuts. Happy 10th and I hope you guys had a great get away.

Chris said...

That was fantastic!