September 21, 2010

Down Syndrome of Central Texas "Share the Passion" Gala

Once again, I volunteered for this great event this year and had so much fun. Every year the local Down Syndrome Association here (DSACT) puts together a yearly calendar to raise revenue for their cause. They always combine a local Down Syndrome child with a celebrity for each month on the calendar and then they have a huge kick off party which is this gala. The children that star in the calendar for the year get the ultimate treatment at the gala. They arrive in limos, the crowd is screaming for them, the paparazzi is there (that's me!)photographing them as well as KVUE News and then they have a loooooong, red carpet for them to walk into the party. It is just the cutest thing you have ever seen! Some of the kids are very receptive to the whooping and hollering while others are quite shy by all the attention. This year they even had Elvis there performing some of his dance moves. It really is a great cause and if anyone would be interested in purchasing a calendar please click on over to DSACT and get yourself one!


Misty said...

This is awesome. Great work Nellis!! Miss you.

Taylor said...

This photos just melt my heart!! Absolutely beautiful!