March 3, 2011

Watch Out Kim Kardashian...There's A New Girl In Town!

Desiree and her mom drove in from El Campo, TX to shoot Desiree's senior photos. We loaded up in my car and just started driving. I knew she had some colorful outfits and a super sassy purple dress so we were on a mission to find some really great locations. Downtown happened to be much busier on a Sat. than normal...which made trying to park a little tougher...there was some festival going on which is another reason why I love this town. We managed to find some alley ways with good texture and an awesome wall mural that went PERFECT with her flower shirt she had on. Our second destination I guess was pretty close to the homeless shelter and it was getting close to dinner time so there were quite a few people walking down the alley we were in. They all asked for money and when I told them I didn't have any cash on me (which was the truth) they all wanted their picture taken instead...the one guy wanted his with Desiree. She was a good sport and I think had quite an experience for this being her first visit to Austin! Her photos came out adorable and in my book she can give Kim Kardashian a run for her money. :)

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