April 15, 2014

Welcome to Austin!

What an adventure! This family has moved to Austin from Oregon for one year. Can you imagine? With their family! When I hear stories like this, I think those people are really taking life by the horns and going for it! They are living in the moment and seeing what new adventures come their way. I kind of did that a few times when I was young...one year I moved to Key Largo in the Florida Keys and lifeguarded at a private resort, another summer I moved to Annapolis, Maryland and waitressed at a crab house and one year I took off from school and worked on a small cruise ship BUT I was always thinking about just myself to move around. Would you have the guts to up and move your FAMILY for one year to a new city? I would like to think that I would but the truth is I don't know if I could. I'm sure now that my son is a teenager that would be even harder. I'd have to listen to him belly ache all the time about missing his friends back at home. I find this very interesting to think about and give the Kizziars kudos for taking life by the horns and doing it! Here's to the adventurists who are living life. This very first photo sums up living in Austin. This guy comes walking out of who knows where into the alley and where is he going? To the pool? You gotta love it! Haha!

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